Options Adjustment Simplication

Many often we need to adjust “option” positions by changing Strikes.

For ex. I am short 4 Lots x 25 Jan 18500 CE and if the market moves in a direction i need to adjust by squaring off say 2 Lots and shorting 2 Lots x 25 Jan 18300 CE. Now this adjustment happens quite often and this order generation (basically 2 orders) is complicated as i have to create a basket and then place the corresponding trades and then execute the basket.

Like you have options in the positions “Square Off”, “Add”. If you add another option “Adjust” and it opens a small panel below which you want to adjust to which behind the scenes triggers 2 orders - one square off and one new order per panel selections.

you can request for a vote to see if this would be liked by traders.


Hi @madhu

Thanks for your detailed feedback. We will evaluate this for the implementation and possible complexities.

it would be great if customers have a view on the planning stories that get created from these user requests. Like a Sprint Planning view and Release Notes.

@Sameet were you able to evaluate this?

Hi @madhu,

We are still evaluating this and will notify our user’s if we implement such a feature.