Options are going to be availble in trading view main platform or not?

Hi recently I tried to search for option in main tradingview after logging in with dhan but i was not able to browse call and put options

Options are not available for information or as tradable scrips on TradingView main platform. To do so, you will have to use Dhan apps, web or on tv.dhan.co.

When TradingView enables it on their side, they will be also be available to trade there.

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@PravinJ Hello sir, as we can’t use pinescript on dhan.tv can I request one script If you don’t mind actually there is one indicator Distance from moving average can you make vwap version of same one if you can that will be great help :face_holding_back_tears:

@PravinJ when we can see the actual implementation any update about it. Can we expect that we can trade options on tv main soon or there will be delay

Tradingview Does Not Support Option’s Or Option trading.
Nor they have any plans to introduce options on tradingview.com

Think About It, There are 70,000+ Stocks Listed From around the world (Not Counting Index or Other Tradable item’s that has their Options)

How many strike prices there will be. That will turn out to be total mess.

People are requesting for Options On Tradingview For a While Now.

I have read Somewhere that They Want to focus only on a charting platform (Simple, Not Complex, Easy to use) & Not To make it a mess.

I am also a user like you, i know about the info so shared it with you.


Bro there is tons of data everywhere and options data will be access through dhan database not tradingview so it is possible they just have to link databases its not big deal tbh and with time options data is erased from data base as it expires

see right now i am trying to open apple chart on main tradingview software but I cant open it bcs I am log in through dhan its limiting me from accessing apple chart

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  1. That Dhan Symbol you highlighted only removes non tradable scrips

  2. All the scrips you see came from tradingview itself or from data providers but not from dhan

  3. i also want options to be there on tradingview but i told you what the tradingview team thinks or replied to people with the same queries as yours.

Hi @omkar & @PravinJ : I noticed that indicator “Distance from moving average” in % terms is not showing correct value (pfa) :
1ss) Trading View : Nifty 50 fut (june) : 5june23 11:50AM : closing 18725 , MA 20 : 18719.02, difference : 0.03% (script : Distance from Moving Average by Botnet101)

2ss) Dhan Trading View : Nifty 50 fut (june) : 5june23 11:50AM : closing 18725 , MA 20 : 18718.91, difference should be 0.03%, but it is showing 0.07%, while difference in spread is right which is 6.09. i checked for so many other price points & % is giving wrong numbers by good %. plz check.

can u plz check if there is an error in pinescript : also if u can give us high & low & as omkar mentioned about vwap version it would be interesting to analyse . like u guys have multiple moving average in which we can select the method : can u add, vwap, vwma, avwap on multiple MA & this distance indicators.

Also like there is option to select another volume symbol, on similar terms m really looking for OI , so that i can compare 2 OI in 1 pane when given an option to choose another symbol.