Options sell order

When we hedge option indices with Buy and sell it shows margin benefit in bsket order. But the sell order does not get executed and only the buy order gets executed. I do have the available baance still fcing this issue

Hi @Akshay0304 When orders are executed with hedge positions, it is important to have both legs of orders to get executed on exchange for hedge benefit. Orders on basket are sent at the same time, so if required margin is not maintained, one of the legs will get rejected for lack of margin.

Request you to share your order details on help@dhan.co (with cc to feedback@dhan.co) will review this for your exact orders.

In basket it shows required margin almost 38k ani when placing order it shows rejected

In the basket it shows 38k almost and still getting rejected whereas the balance is 50k plus

I too faced similar issues. But, keeping buy leg first and then sell leg helped.