Options Trader: New Features added for Awesome Trading Experience

Hi all,

We started giving early access to Dhan Options Trading App earlier this month, and we are overwhelmed by your feedback. If you haven’t registered yet here is the link. We hope that by the end of May, we should give access to everyone and post that we aim to make the Options Trader app available to everyone.

Options Trading is risky, is for traders who know what exactly it is for. Options Trading also requires one to make well informed decisions, to analyse amongst multiple things - Open Interest, Option Chain, Screeners, Scanners and so much more. For the same reason, we thought it was only right to build the Options Trader as a different app.

As for Dhan App, Web and TradingView - same will continue for Options Trader app as well, we will keep improving the experience on this as well.

Here is the list of features we have introduced in Options Trading App:

Put-Call Ratio (PCR) Analysis

Markets continue to be volatile these days. Where the PCR indicator helps Option Traders to determine the market sentiment and trade accordingly. We are now bringing this to Option Trader app, where you can check PCR for all F&O indices & stocks.

This includes - PCR with Open Interest, Change in OI, PCR, Vol PCR and Max Pain. Many Option Traders review this information, and we felt app experience would be incomplete without the same, not now :slight_smile:

Main Indices with Advances & Declines

Visuals are always better for communication and interpretation, and who knows this better than Index Options Traders.

We are introducing Advances & Declines on Options Trader app, for your favourite - Nifty 50 & Nifty Bank.

Nifty & Nifty Bank Indices now In-Depth

Yes, there is more as always. Both Indices on Home Dashboard are now tappable, and we have linked it to underlying Indices snapshots with further shortcuts to Futures & Options snapshots.

All navigation across these indices are now super smooth - you can move between Indices, Snapshots, Futures & Options very quickly. We loved building this, you will love using this.

Instant Orders on Options Trader

Lightning Fast Experience, as it should be. We have made the Thunder Bolt button on Order Placement screens a single-tap instant order placement experience.

Now it’s as quick as it gets, Single-Tap on Instant Order and your order is sent to the Stock Exchanges instantly!

Alpha View introduced on Options Trader

We introduced Alpha View a few months back on the Dhan app. Now we are bringing this to Options Trader as well.

Now track your performance as a trader, in real-time with Alpha View. AlphaView will compare your portfolio performance against all the indices; And as a trader, will let you know which indices you have outperformed on the day. Amazing, right?

Draft Orders on Options Trader

Who knows the value of saving time on orders, if not an Options Trader. We introduced Draft Orders (link) on the Dhan app, same has been extended to Options Trader app.

Just like your Gmail drafts, Dhan gives an option to create orders now and execute them whenever you want! Now you can execute your orders at will. Build your strategy, monitor the markets - check market-depth in real-time, and when the time is right for market entry or exit, execute it instantly in a single tap.

More Features extended to Options Trader

Last week we announced many product updates and enhancements to Dhan app, this includes following:

  • Best Bid / Ask on Order Placement window
  • Leverage & Margins on Trade
  • Fast Adds

We are extending all of them to the Options Trader app. Full post here: Product Updates: More Enhancements to Order Placement Experience on Dhan

As always, feedback is welcomed at Dhan and we will continue to make the Options Trader app an awesome experience, just like Dhan :slight_smile:

Enjoy the Dhan experience.


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Hey @Naman ,

What’s the difference between Basket Order and Draft Order?

Hi @amit

Basket Order- You can execute multiple order together, get hedging benefits on strategies.
There is a limitation here, you can only have 20 basket and each basket can have at max 25 order

Draft Order- Save your single order for future and execute them at one tap, without any limitation on number of order.

Also, this is first version of draft order, we are building interesting things around it.


Can’t create draft order. Whenever I try to create draft order it’s not showing in draft order window.

Hi @Karan4999,

Please give us some time we are checking the issue.

Hi @Karan4999,

Thanks for highlighting the issue, Please check we have fixed the same.
Keep sharing your suggestions, it helps us improve the experience on Dhan.

Please add the feature to directly add strikes from option chain to Basket order.


Hi @Harshadas

We have this feedback from many users, coming up soon on Dhan.

Some suggestions for options trader app

  1. Provide Screener based on technicals. Example bearish and bullish stocks.
  2. Next for Price Gainers, Losers, OI Gainers and losers provide a filter. This filter can help filter indices like Nifty and Banknifty. Also for stock options we are able to only look at all the options of a particular stock.
    For example, if I want to search for Reliance Stock options, it helps me do that easily.

I tried searching for such a thread. Didn’t find one so put up the suggestions here. I am new to Dhan.


when is Dhan going to add option trading app features on dhan tv web

Agree. This will be really helpful as everybody doesn’t trade from mobile.

hi @raghu7089

Be assured. We have your request. Right now followings are features in our roadmap, including the one you asked. Here is the post by @PravinJ for more reference.

PCR only showing for monthly expiry
How to see PCR of weekly expiry in Android?

Hi @ankitpatel8055 Welcome to Dhan community.

For now, PCR on weekly is available in the Open Interest tab, under the Analyse section in Ideas.

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