Options trading via dhan webhook

We would appreciate if dhan could provide us with a video on how to use webhook for options trading, a detailed video.
I am a scalper so my strike price changes very frequently so i am not sure how would the basket order part work.
I trade in 3-5 strike Prices a day (call and put).

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Hi @Lokeshpatel, Welcome to Dhan community. We have explained in detail introduction to Webhooks and its execution here:

  1. Introduction and Placing Trade: Introducing Webhook Alerts : Direct Order Placements on TradingView from Dhan
  2. Basket Orders with Webhooks: Introducing: Now execute your Basket Orders via webhooks on TradingView

Since we cannot customize limit orders while creating option baskets, is there a workaround?
I would like to place orders on the high of the candle and not on the market price for which an alert is triggered on the underlying instrument.


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Hello @LotOfOptions

Currently, you cannot custom input prices while placing options order via basket webhooks. However, we are coming up with a new TV webhook update which will enable such customisation using PineScript on Trading View. We will announce the same as soon as we are ready with the same.

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