Order and Position issue today(05/07)

it happened 2 days back. It happened yesterday as well. Too frequent for any broker app to fail. Call center is not working. They are asking to email about the order that is really funny. Good 45 mins app was down today. Unbelievable recovery plans they have. Best is to leave Dhan!

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Best thing to do. I just told all my referrals as well. Recently I had many of my office colleagues open account and now i’m feeling bad. Everyone called saying they are unable to place orders. I feel responsible for their losses now. Really a sad day!!

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We understand the anguish you are feeling, but please be assured that we are working diligently
in improving our systems & as we mentioned we are working towards scaling the systems.

We have acknowledged the concerns here , and will also be posting the incident report soon. By letting the members know that the systems are working our intention is to help you plan out the strategies for the remaining day.

All your feedback are noted with utmost importance. We care about you, your referred friends, community members and all our users, and are committed to utmost transparency and elevating your trading experience.

Easy to say sir. Imagine a friend I referred is having a 1L loss. Who is going to pay him now? He couldn’t even exit his trade or put a stop loss. He didn’t even know if the order got executed or not. Until the system came backup. How do you say you understand the anguish!! People might have lost all the money they have

What will happen when you bring the incident report ???
What has actually changed when you brought the incident report of 3rd July ???

Keep making incident reports instead of focussing on trading platform and ensuring that your systems are up.

Hello @anand1509

In case you face any losses due to system lag, kindly share us the order details at help3july@dhan.co. Our team will look into it.

hi @Saurabh

Apologies for all the inconvenience caused. We understand your pain and no amount of apology can cover up for your losses. Our team is on toes and working day & night to accommodate all users on Dhan. Please raise your concern on help3july@dhan.co for queries related to loss incurred.

Hardik. No point using my loss story as your case study. Buddy. I have filed the case on SEBI website already. You will get my order details.

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Today i was unable to sell my equity position. I was unable to proceed further transfer to cdsl
No one was responding on chat and after that it hitted lower circuit. I am unable to sell the same position now because there is no buyer. How can i trust the stability of the application if this kind of issue is happening.

I was thinking of trading in f&o in this application but i have to think before trading in this application if this kind of issue occurs.

@Rajsail We deeply value your concerns as traders, and we assure you that enhancing our system’s capacity is a top priority. We understand the risks involved and our team is actively working to address the current scenarios. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, please be assured, we are taking measures so that these incidents are not repeated.

Systems are up & running fine now.

I have already send you the email with the losses I have incurred due to your sh**t system. Its my biggest loss till date due to any system issue.

Its time to create a permament email ID for the issues like issues@dhan.co

Till what time you will use the same 3rd july email ID ?
Today is 5th july, and tomorrow will be 6th !!!

People should complaint to SEBI immediately and show these people what happens if your hard money is lost due to their platform.

Here is the link to lodge the complaint to SEBI, I did it, now its your turn!!!



We understand the anguish, and the concern you are facing right now. The team is diligently working towards resolving it, and as a matter of fact whole dhan team is now addressing to the customer concerns.

We are making this thread as a single point of thread, helping in addressing all the issues faster, hence would appreciate if the thread is kept with all the user issues only thread.

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Hi this has been resolved now, request you to please check again.

As I can see, the screenshot is from 09:44AM.

We incurred an influx of traders recently, causing the order placement issues. Now, all the issues have been resolved and thousands of traders are able to trade again.

I understand your concern, but be assured we are always here to assist you.

Hello everyone,


We appreciate your understanding in this matter and request your patience.

Thanks for your unwavering support.

Yaha bhi same situation hai …Thanks to dhan … clients ke samne bolti band ho gayi hai