Order execution

So Can we have something like order with default stop loss or can we modify bracket order little bit like bracket order can execute at market price rather than specifying certain price there is not option for market price in bracket order like this every trade will get executed with sl so we don’t have to worry and its good thing too just like tradingview

options become very volatile at time and if any candle goes beyond like 30-25 points in just a min at that time newbies like me get freeze for a moment so we can have fix loss everytime we enter the trade no matter what

Hi @omkar

Entry of trade with Stop Loss is Cover Order and Entry of trade with SL & Target is Bracket order. We do have both Cover Order & Bracket Order on all Dhan platforms (App, Web, OT, TV, API). Also Bracket order is now enabled for options also.

Simply go to order window & select the order type either Cover or Bracket. Enter the target & SL. Then you will be good to go.

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there is no option to executer order at market price right I am talking about it ik it

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