Order incorrectly tagged as Iceberg

Hi @Dhan_Help @PravinJ

The following order was tagged as iceberg even though quantity entered is at the freeze limit (not above) for Nifty. Not sure why. By the way this is not my order. It’s my fellow trader order who is too lazy to post… :sweat_smile:

Hi @t7support - he must have enabled Iceberg and kept slice quantity as 1. On Dhan, for F&O trades, option to enable Iceberg is activated when lots > 5, he must have enabled it then but didn’t add slice value, hence single order with Iceberg tag.

Beyond freeze limits, auto-slicing happens automatically. Under freeze-limits, Iceberg can be enabled when explicitly opted-in by user.

Oh K… Thanks. Let me check with him.

And that lazy person is me.

How do I uncheck this. It doesn’t allow.


Seems like iPhone app issue. Am able to use the slider to turn ON and OFF in android app. But @Castelinojason unable to do so in his iPhone app.

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I am on iOS, it works for me. Can you send a video of this @Castelinojason or check if you are on latest app version? Thank you.

Worked after updating. Thanks :pray::pray::pray:

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