Order lag on OMS instance today (23 Feb, 2023)

Dear Users,

We are building Dhan as a technology led platform, always prioritising innovation and investing heavily in our systems and new technologies to offer the best experience to our users. Unlike most of the broking platforms that outsource technology and systems, we are proud to build most of our stack ourselves - which helps us build a cutting edge experience and features on Dhan

As we scale, we ensure to consistently add additional infrastructural capacity with ample buffers to take into account any sudden increase in traffic on our systems. But unfortunately, in rare instances, even pre-calculated server capacities are not enough. At such instances, we have to resort to manual intervention and taking corrective measures to restore system stability.

Today, around 10 AM in the morning, as the market reversed on an expiry day, we saw a spike in the number of orders in one of our OMS (Order Management System) instances. Coincidentally, this was the same OMS on which we are sending our SIP orders (at 10 AM) this morning. These scheduled orders combined with market reversal resulted in a queue of orders on that instance of our OMS servers.

This queue of orders resulted in a delay of execution of 124 orders more than our average response time. As part of our values, we maintain complete transparency in all our operations, and it is important for us that our users are aware of such instances.

We are growing at a rapid pace and to keep our tech infrastructure ready for such volumes, we have already started setting up multiple OMS servers, now even in a separate region altogether, to ensure no location level server outages affect our users.

We thank all our users for their continued trust in us and we look forward to building the best product and customer experience in the industry.

Alok Pandey


not 1 time only, i faced issues multiple times in today’s volatile market & that’s not really a good experience. i really don’t understand how the figure is just 124. i hope , pray & wish next time we don’t face lagging in order execution. otherwise it can really be brutal to a trader ! plz do or Take all the necessary steps at its best.

Thanks sir for the update.