Order notification sound

Hey, @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Naman
Can you add notification sound when buying/selling order executed ?
Like zerodha

I like this feature in kite app.
So you can add this in dhan app

Thanks for the suggestion @Bhargav. This is noted.

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My order closed and no sound notification was there. How to enable sound notification? Also there is no notification on the app.

Hi @smitnk welcome to Dhan community!

We have made default sound notification for both App & Web. You may check the device notification sound setting once.

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I do not receive any notification on the App. Neither a sound nor the notification. I am an iPhone user. I do not even get notification for the order closed on the App. I place orders from web, but I am not in front of the screen full time. I should get notification on the mobile once the order is executed/rejected. I have Zerodha account and do get the notifications for both orders and price alerts.