Order placement and other things if every order is place separately then why its not shown separately

Well why our orders get average to particular price why we cant keep them as two Separate order instead of combing to existing one like suppose I took trade at say Rs 150 then my position turn into loss say price went to Rs 160 but I have strong belief that price will fall so I am again shorting at 160 so I get average price of 155 but as orders are place differently why cant we see them as two different orders on chart instead of averaging it.

by seeing two different position we can have better understanding like weather our second order is doing good or no so we can act accordingly. and cut our losses or reduce our losses effectively as we are going to have one winner with me

like i place my first order at 150 then at 160 then price again came to 152 but market is uncertain this time so i square off my 150 rs position here cut my looses and hold my winner which is at better price of 160

and when you handling multiple position it gets difficult to put your sl according to new average price traders are not in that mental state specially if you are scalping

Underlying transaction systems across all platforms see only positions, that are created by single order or multiple orders. Hence your prices will always be shown as an average of all positions. In same example above, exchange doesn’t know which trade of yours it is executing - first, second or one that you selected specifically for execution.

Simply consider that is like your bank account. I add my salary, money received from friends, returns from investing, and so on. After all that is done - its all money in my bank account. Now I can’t decide which money I can spend from the bank, say let me not spend salary but spend money from friends.