Order placement - Error

Please donโ€™t auto cancel also then for no fault of the customer.


Exactly. Looking for seamless execution like before the entry of hedge break system by Dhan.

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@Dhan_Cares @PravinJ @Naman

Again happened today. Order placement issues are deal breakers at our end. Please do something about this ASAP.

@Dhan_Cares @PravinJ @Naman

Not sure whether you guys changed something at your end. But last 4 times basket orders with hedged positions went through without any glitch. Thanks :pray:.

Itโ€™s bit tricky, as we have said earlier. For now let me just say - things are under observation.

:sweat_smile: ok noted. Am hoping it goes through butter smooth in future.

@PravinJ still going super smooth. No issues.


Hi @PravinJ @Dhan_Cares

After some time the error happened again today.

Hi @t7support

As explained earlier, the basket is executed in the sequence you have arranged. There may be the case the first order is not executed or executed lately, so automatically the second order will be rejected for insufficient balance or hedge break.

This is a rare thing, but be assure we will figure out something to solve for this.

As explained earlier my basket order legs are arranged correctly and all are market orders on highly liquid NIFTY options. Order not getting executed therefore is not the problem.

I think the problem / delay is likely at the end where you are checking whether the order got executed and raising the alert. This issue is catching us off guard and leading to instances where we are holding twice the position than what we intended or positions on both long and short side unintended. Pls help by solving this issue.


Happened again today

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