Order placement message

Hi @Dhan_Help @Naman @PravinJ

I had an open long position for Banknifty 40100 call. I tried to close it by selling. Then this weird error happened like I have no funds

When we are buying a call option the entire premium is debited from our available funds. When we sell it therefore there is no issue of fund shortage. Also there was no open sell order on the same call either in my account. I contacted support via chat but they just repeated the message displayed on the order error shown in the pic. Hence am posting here.

Hi @t7support

This is not an error. When you tried to place this order, there was already an existing ‘normal’ position with 650 quantity. This order you placed was ‘Intraday’. In such scenario this is treated as a fresh order - not an exit to your existing position.

You can simply exit from your current position, instead of making a fresh order. Its much faster that way.

Thanks @PravinJ. Yes, it’s an error on my side. I typically trigger orders from TV via webhooks. In the morning I couldn’t set the basket orders and hence placed a manual order which got placed as a Normal order instead of the intended intraday order. Then at 3:15 my tv code tried to auto exit the usual intraday open order which was not there. Hence the order execution problem reported.

Sorry for the trouble.