Order Type Conversion Intraday to Normal

Hi @PravinJ ,

Today I had taken intraday position from Dhan TV which I converted to normal to carry overnight.

Dhan Web was showing the converted position as normal, but EOD the position is squared off showing it as intraday only.


Unfortunately, I don’t have positions tab screenshot to prove my case but what has happened is real. Moreover, there are no conversion logs available on the UI to clear out the things in such scenario.

PS: I’ve reported this issue to Dhan Support, waiting for conversion logs and investigation report of the issue.

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Hi @amit

Our team is already working on this, will get back to you shortly on your registered email with the resolution.

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Hi @amit

We have addressed your query related to order type conversion on your registered email.

Hey @Sameet ,

I do not agree that the positions were converted back to Intraday by myself, rather I see the reported issue as broken code with latest implementation of Default Order Type User Settings which defaults to Intraday order type.