Orders going through in more quantity than the available margin?!

Hi Dhan Team,

As I was planning to raise my capital to trade, I came across some posts on twitter that traders had faced losses due to orders getting punched in excessive quantity exceeding their margin too.

Is this true?

Also, What steps has Dhan taken to solve this?

@t7support @Castelinojason You HNI Brothers I have followed ur paths after leaving 0dha. Can my capital be safe here?

This kind of issue has never happened to me. I have made 6827 transaction with Dhan till now.


Also it seems Dhan is ready to refund loss accrued due to extra lots that got executed (when user didn’t have sufficient margin). So I don’t get the user grievance fully.

Also I have nothing on my side to comment on whether the user really did type in 201 or 20. Dhan response seem to suggest that he placed order for 201. In that case the order may have been auto sliced as an iceberg order and part of it may have been executed. If not, I don’t know.

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Hi @8y4ssbl4al,

Request you to DM your registered details, so our team can connect and address your queries.

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Hey buddy, I really appreciate your assurance that I won’t encounter any glitches while trading with Dhan. It boosts my confidence even more to go ahead with the trade. Thanks a bunch!

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Hey @JayK

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve already contacted Dhan Help for my queries. I wanted to reach out to them naturally without any preferential treatment, so I can provide genuine feedback based on my experience. Thanks!

I am not sure. Since the time they have blocked my withdrawals I have lost faith in Dhan. I can never withdraw funds here unlike zerodha.
I am moving my funds back to zerodha slowly. Already repent coming here.
Mods here don’t even bother replying.

Hi @Castelinojason Have already responded to your messages and thread there, it is work in progress at our end and we are working on changing the way margins are handled.

Withdrawal of funds and margin management while you are seeing it together, these are two different systems.

No. You haven’t. My last 2 posts are not replied. You have clearly ignored my post and replied to the next one. If your system isn’t allowing then manually release funds. It’s your system problem and why should I suffer? I have withdrawable funds and you shouldn’t be blocking it.
With your current system I will never ever be able to withdraw funds without closing all positions.
This can cost me nearly 10k. Will you make good for it? I will tell you my positions I would have taken if I didn’t have to close my positions. Next day see the impact and make good for the loss? Opportunity cost is a very big cost.
So everytime I wanna withdraw 1 rupee, I have to bear minimum of 10k opportunity cost.

I do not think you have replied to these.

Hi @Castelinojason Think I have responded to these - its a system that will require change, we have feedback from users already and have started work on this.

  1. We do not tinker our systems. Any payouts will always be user initiated and processed via systems.
  2. When it is meant as client’s account, these are broking accounts that are marked in system & exchanges with nomenclature of client account and they are reported to regulators on a daily basis.

If response is for sake for arguments, none of the my our teams responses will help your query. Notional / opportunity losses could be any that anyone will come up with, there is no logical reasoning for that.

There is a fault in your system. Why should I suffer because of that.

It’s only because you are blocking my funds.
You admit that you are blocking funds and your system needs change.
If I was with other brokers I wouldn’t have this issue. Clearly that’s what opportunity cost is. And if you don’t recognise opportunity cost in business then you clearly don’t understand finance.

Let me elaborate further to you.
If I have same capital with two brokers and doing the exact same thing. And now I wanna withdraw funds from both accounts. Let’s say 1 rupee. In Dhan I have opportunity cost since I have to first close all positions. At the same time I can still run my positions with the other broker. Now these positions can go either way. But that’s my problem.
Are you getting my point on opportunity cost at least now?

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@PravinJ any ballpark timelines for this ? I guess the modifications need to be tested on mock trading days before this one is released, right ?

Yes, we don’t push anything to live order processing systems without being tested. Hopefully in next few weeks, we need couple of mocks to test this completely.

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