Orders page shows the order entry time rather than the executed time for the executed orders

Similar to the above pointed issue the Web and API both show the entry time of the order rather than the executed time, the actual executed time is displayed in Traded Details

These are basics of UI and not expected your level

No reply no response no acknowledgement, not the ideal support expectations


Hello @Shashidhar

This was a decision on our side to show the order place time rather than the executed time as there maybe partial execution of Limit orders (which can even take hours for the entire order to get executed). In such scenarios, it becomes confusing for the end user.

Therefore, we show the executed time in trade details instead which shows details of partial trades as well, so that user can check how much quantity was traded at which time.

if that is the case remove the heading “Executed (All / Success / Cancelled”, isn’t it more confusing.

for multiple execution times, you could have chosen the first or last to give some clarity
and for single executed orders at least it should have the proper executed time.

I was told very high about the technical capabilities of the Dhan because of which I showed interest to shift from a technically bad broker.

Hey @Shashidhar

The heading here is to show that these orders have been executed at the exchange, either successfully or cancelled.

As mentioned above the reason for showing execution time, we have tried to handle all possible scenarios here. But we have noted the feedback and will revisit the logic here once again.