Paper trading using dhan's API

Is it possible to paper trading with Dhan’s API? I have backtested it but I want to run it in forward market before deploying it. Is it possible to do so?

You can use the api bridge which has a paper trading feature.

when dhan will add paper trading feature?

Hello @shashikumar,

Great to see you around. As you may know, exchanges do not allow Market Data to be used for purposes other than trading. This is the reason why we haven’t built on this. You can refer this note here - 2023: What next to expect from Dhan - #100 by PravinJ

Could you please provide more information on how to integrate Excel Sheets with Dhan’s trading platform? Specifically, I’m interested in understanding the process of connecting Excel to Dhan’s API, importing necessary libraries, and executing trade orders directly from Excel. Additionally, are there any sample code snippets or tutorials available to assist in the integration process? Thank you.

@Talha8751 Dhan can be linked to API bridge for execution. Excel can be linked to API bridge as a frontend for your trading as shown in the video.

check this out - Excel Algo Trading - No Coding Required - YouTube