Pl introduce the buyers initiated quantity and sellers initiated quatity

you guys are introducing amazing indicators on trading view,like oi data,i am looking forward the day you introduce the above indicators which is crucial for scalping.

thanks in anticipation

amiteswar sen

Hi @9425178487

We just introduced Open Interest (OI) indicator across all platforms on our charts today. More details here: Introducing: Open Interest (OI) Indicators on Dhan Platforms & TradingView Charts

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i am unable to change the user id, please send me the flow how to do it

Buyers initiated quantity and sellers initiated quatity is it an indicator if it is, how can i apply on chart.

@9425178487 @np7009

Guys, this is an impossible indicator. Even brokers don’t have access to this underlying secret data (buyers/sellers initiated quantity).

Of course brokers have access to buyer/seller initiated transaction data that is done only on their own platform. But always remember more than 80% volume is driven by NSE algorithms and their internal trading bots.

NSE keeps this data hidden and is not accessible to any retail or corporate traders. This is to prevent any kind of biasness in the market.

NSE gives access to an overall Open Interest data and that to every 3min only.

@PravinJ Please correct me if I’m missing anything or comment on the possibility of such indicator.

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Yes @pratik01, this is correct.

Correct me if I m wrong, this (buyer/sellerinitiated order) is available on Quantsapp and Gocharting.
I think this is called level 3 (or may be level 2) data and NSE provides it on extra payment (big money involved), so don’t think a broker is going to provide it

Hi Pravin,

can’t u capture the tick data volume up, down - quantity & price (PFA : fyers one desktop app) & show us in the delta & cumulative delta indicator format like Gocharting does ? delta = buy volume - sell volume , cumulative delta = cumulative (buy - sell volume) intraday.
Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 11.50.21 PM

Similarly delta values & cumulative delta values can come if (volume*price) at tick level is data is fetched accurately.

If not this, can u guys atleast come up with volume*price = turnover value indicator : can be a great help for option traders ?

I think these datas can’t be out in real time. Quantsapp is providing it by using their own algorithm. They only anticipate if largr volume has been bought or sold on market price then it reflacted as Buyer initiated or seller initiated qty. I thing that can’t be in anyone’s hand except NSE …