Pleaging portfolio?

hi consider i have 1lakh worth bajajfinseve shares in my portfolio. i have pleaged for option trding. considering this example please expain
1- per day interest.
2- interest on non trading days.
3-plage charges .

please explain in this scenario only thanks

Hi @vrpatilisl

You can know all about Pledge on Dhan on here: Margin Pledge: Get Instant Pledge Margin on 1450+ Stocks | Dhan

Quick answers:

  1. An interest of 0.0438% will be charged per day on the margin amount utilised. Please note, interest will be charged only when the client uses pledge against margin where 50% cash equivalent is not available.
  2. Interest is charged for the days capital is blocked, so it is irrespective of trading day or not.
  3. Pledge charges: INR 12.5/request/ISIN + taxes
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