Please add 3rd party 2fa app support like Google Authenticator

please add a option for 3rd party apps

Hi @kabzz99

We have introduced Login with Fast QR on Dhan, this is as secure as any 3rd party authenticator and more easier to user. More about that here: Important Note: 2FA Login for Dhan Web & TradingView users

Dhan was the first to introduced this to broking industry, now being adopted by some of the top brokers.

@PravinJ For this we need to have phone handy, However with third party authentication like Authy it can be accessed via desktop as well with their desktop app without phone. Less friction if don’t have access to phone.

Hi @Sahil, in such scenarios - we also have login with OTP now, it comes via email. Moreover, if your session is valid on web and under the auto-session time-out period - we let users reverify via PIN that they have set.

For Dhan, almost > 95% users use either of our apps - Dhan or Options Trader along with web for trading.

@PravinJ Okay, I was not aware of OTP via email option. In that case its good then.

this is good. no need of google authenticater it will just increase time in log in

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