Please add this option

Trading View has this option to see actual close price instead of Heikin Ashi close price when Heikin Ashi candle are enabled. Please bring this option on also.

I use Heikin Ashi regularly but I also need to see the current price and I cannot keep changing the candlestick type while taking trades. So this option would be really helpful for me.
Someone please reply @Naman @RahulDeshpande @PravinJ

You can check bid-ask in chart setting, you’ll get realtime prices

Thanks for your suggestion and yes I am aware of it and that’s what I am currently using. But I don’t like 2 lines near the current price. Plus I also doesn’t work on Index chart.
@Sameet please reply here also

Hi @Akhil153045 @hitesh159,

We have made a note of your requirement to provide this feature and enhance your Dhan Tradingview experience. As an alternative, you may even refer to the watchlist ticker for real-time price while using Heikin-Ashi.