PNL Report issue & Features to be added

Hi Everyone

We are actively working on P&L statements and reports. Some of the changes and updates have gone live already and many are work in progress. We are also building things that will make P&L easy - like few of users are already using Trader’s Diary + integrating with online filing for taxes.

Please note that P&L statements are not a simple or easy thing to build or roll-out, if it were easy we wouldn’t be discussing this. P&L reports work 99% of times, but there are 100s of exceptions that happen - settlement delays, holdings, charges, short-term, long-term, short deliveries, refunds, dividends, bonus, split, corporate actions and many more of such things that results changes in P&L even for the one that is generated a day before.

We continue to make Dhan better everyday. Also we have multiple teams at Dhan. Suggesting that we should not launch features and address one issue isn’t a very helpful suggestion honestly. Our teams that are supposed to solve for this, are already on this.

Additionally, many of the discussions we have with users, we also get to know that they just want different view of data and that’s all. There was nothing wrong with the P&L, for which we started giving data in raw files.

Help us understand specific issues that you have encountered or are seeing, and share them on and we will address them. We have done it all the time, and there is no reason why we won’t if it is shared with us.