PNL Report issue & Features to be added

@PravinJ @Kiran @JayK @Sachinkm , Still dhan is lagging on PNL and other reports… There is no single tab to know instantly MTF interest charged by dhan.

Also, Trader diary is good but it is incomplete because MTF interest charge is not mentioned in this.

I have also same problem if this feature is not adding quickly i will move to another broker

Hi @Vishwajeet,

For now, request you to please download the ledger in CSV and filter based on narration (select only Interest MTF).

We have noted your suggestion.

@iamshrimohan @PravinJ @JayK @Sachinkm @aniket @Divyesh …Hi I am very much disappointed with your PNL report. Since I have been following up from last 6-7 months but no improvement so far…This time there is some discrepancy in pnl report and trader diary also.

Upon reviewing my recent trading activity, I have noticed a significant discrepancy between the PNL figures displayed in the PNL report and trader diary compare to those which is really happened. The inconsistencies in these records are causing confusion and raising concerns about faith in dhan platform.

As a trader, having accurate and reliable data is crucial for making informed decisions and assessing my overall trading strategy.

I have mailed to you on saturday but till time no positive response besides computer generated reply.

As there is incomplete data in pnl report as MTF interest and corporate actions is not included in pnl report. Why there is so much delay to show complete realized ,Unrealized profit & Net profit.

Why your people ask me to check ledger report to check mtf interest charged by dhan???

Why u can’t make one single report in which all charges and net profit is included and shown??

You people are making pnl calculations very much complex and making unnecessary charges behind this. This seems some scam I think. I have to speak harsh words but this is the reality.

You can see zerodha has very clear n transparent pnl report. One can easily understand their net profit but in your case I have to sit with calculate manually to know my exact net profit after debited my all types of charges and taxes.

I have sent mail and message on online chat regarding data not correct in trader diary and PNL report.

On 3 Aug I have sold varun beverage share with profit of 5k+ but it was showing only 1200 approx profit in trader diary.

And on 4 Aug, I sold two share whirlpool and jubilant foods which was on MTF for a long time with a loss of some thing around 3k… But in trader diary it is showing 9k loss… How all these calculations are being made? God knows!

I don’t know what happened in other months ? Ye to me isi month ka bata rha Hu… Baki months me bhi agar aisa hi haii to…ye bahut bada scam haii then.

Hi @Vishwajeet we have made the new P&L Live which can be requested from Statements and Reports section of Web/App. The P/L report computes the profit or loss as per FIFO logic and shows a consolidated state of your trades along with charges paid for each header. Do share your UCC over DM so that I can check your case and revert back to you for the same.

Corporate Actions also cannot be added to the PNL Report as they are not trades executed on the exchange. CA entries are to be adjusted manually for tax reporting perspective.

For MTF Interest, it is not possible for us to give you scrip-wise / trade-wise interest as MTF positions are daily managed for margin. Hence, they can only be found in the Ledger. Having said this, since Ledger reports all the cash flows of a user, its un-easy to identify exact header. Hence, we are building a Ledger Analysis report which will have all the heads at one place and you can check easily (Basically a Pivot Table of Ledger).

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@iamshrimohan @Divyesh @JayK @Sachinkm @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande

Dear all, I have been constantly following up for pnl report issue…also send message to shrimohan on dm… But now one week passed but till now no solution.

Ap log trader ke profit /loss ko kaise change kar sakte haii report me… Jahan 3000 ka loss hua haii wahan 9000 ka loss show ho rha haii… Or jahan 5000 ka profit hua haii wahan 2000 ka profit show ho rha haii…

Trading se jayada dangerous to apka platform haii jahan normal calculations part bhi galat aa rhi haii… Message karne pr koi action nhi ho rha haii…

PNL report bhi incomplete rahti haii… Wrong pnl data show hota haii… Even in trader diary…

Will u reply or need to lodge complaint regarding pnl issue to sebi ??

I know there are other peoples also who are facing same problem …or kuch ko to malum bhi nhi hoga ki unke profit ko alter kiya ja rha haii…

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Complain to SEBI, that is only way they listen if you have all the proper screenshots and proof. I missed to save the screenshot otherwise I would have done the same in my case.

Whole dhan is fraud… They are looting common man wealth…on tha name trading… Best platform they do manipulate in your fund and manipulate your profit n loss. They show less profit and more loss in their pnl report ,but in actual it was just reverse.

I strongly recommend to discontinue the dhan service. I will also complain to sebi with all relevant documents I have.

They are just gaining customer attention by introducing fancy features but basics of dhan system is wrong and manipulative completely.

They are showing my 1500 loss into 7500+ loss and after few days my profit worth 5000+ is not showing in trader diary.

Hi as mentioned in the DM, I am working on your detailed report. Will share trade wise. Also the computation is done based on FIFO logic and hence it differs from your estimate. Similarly MTF is a product type. It’s computation is also based on FIFO logic

What FIFO logic… If I have 100 share of X share at avg some avg price on normal type and 100 share in mtf type.

And while selling share at your platform ,it ask which type to sell so when i am selecting mtf then mtf should be sold not my delivery share.

In my transactions, it is cleary shown . Apart from that there are one incident already happened and two is still alive that after selling share profit is not showing neither in trade diary nor pnl report.

Pls check all screenshots. I have 35 share of whirlpool at avg price of 1505 on MTF type. And when I sold that 35 MTF share at avg price of 1457 then in total 1680 loss would be there but in your pnl report that loss is about 7700 rs.

FIFO will be apply only in one type if I have 100 shares in mtf type and if I sold 50 share then fifo will apply. But it should not apply two different type normal and mtf.

How can you sold normal delivery share when I am selling mtf share first . Also in your app it is showing mtf share sell hue hai…jaisa ki Maine screenshot diya haii

Hi @Vishwajeet unfortunately it doesn’t work in that way. MTF is just a product type which determines the margin requirements and CFS. While computing PNL, the product type is ignored. Only FIFO logic is applicable. While I am working over your trades, refer to the simple example which I have quoted below:

Date Product Buy/Sell Qty Rate Amount Remarks
01-01-2023 Normal Buy 100 500.00 50,000.00 You had to pay the entire amount.
02-01-2023 MTF Buy 100 600.00 60,000.00 Assuming 25% funding, you need to only pay Rs. 15,000. Rest would be funded by us.
03-01-2023 MTF Sell 100 1,000.00 1,00,000.00 If you sell from MTF, the MTF account is closed. No EPIN benefit will be given*. The MTF pledged shares would be tendered in pay-in
04-01-2023 Normal Sell 100 1,200.00 1,20,000.00 If you sell from Nomal, you will get 80% of CFS.

Now for the above transactions, the PNL computation on FIFO logic would be as follows:

Buy Date Buy Qty Buy Rate Buy Amount Sell Date Sell Qty Sell Rate Sell Amount PNL
01-01-2023 100 500.00 50,000.00 03-01-2023 100 1,000.00 1,00,000.00 50,000.00
02-01-2023 100 600.00 60,000.00 04-01-2023 100 1,200.00 1,20,000.00 60,000.00
Total 1,10,000.00

Now even if you change the logic as what you suggested, it does not impact the PNL overall. But we follow FIFIO as an industry standard. Also, your tax liability is also computed based on FIFO.

But it is not told earlier…if this is the logic then i hold whirlpool share. Apart from that i have bought 200 share of VBL on 4 Aug at an avg rate of 832 approx and sell 100 qty on 11 aug at rate of 850 and another 100 qty on 14 aug at rate of 867. so as per simple calculations i had profit of Rs 5300 but in trader diary no profit is showing…same as in pnl report. why there is always issue with your PNL calcultions.

Agar hum dhyan nhi dete haii to pahle bhi kitni bar ho chuka hoga jo abhi tak malum nhi haii.

I didn’t get any reply for varun beverage share profit now showing in pnl and trader diary… What your team is working over this??

@Vishwajeet will call you today. Please share a suitable time where you would be available for a call post market hours

You can call after 4 pm tomorrow…

I didn’t get any call till now. But jo profit Maine earn kiya haii 11 and 14 august ko… Wo kyun nhi show ho raha haii… Jo ki 5300 ka profit haii…

Me clear hindi me likh rha Hu… Kyunki meri simple english ap logo jo samaj nhi aa rhi hai… Bas idhar udhar ki bat kar rhe haii…mera to ap mera profit show kariye. Uske bad me khud dhan account delete kar dunga… Koi security nhi haii humre fund ki…Dhan me…

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@Vishwajeet apologies for missing this, please share your number on DM I’ll call you

Guess this is a basic requirement for a trading app

I use to buy shares of same company multiple times. when i checked your “Tax Report - Equity” in “Tax report” i downloaded from your website, i get all transactions of a company combined. also it doesn’t have buy date / sell date.

i used to trade in Zerodha, Upstox and Groww also. They all have different report with following details

  1. Serial Number
  2. Security Name
  3. ISIN
  4. Buy Date
  5. Buy Qty
  6. Buy Rate
  7. Buy Value
  8. Sell Date
  9. Sell Qty
  10. Sell Rate
  11. Sell Value
  12. Gross P&L
  13. Cons. Charges & Taxes
  14. Net P&L


lets assume i buy 10 shares of tata motors on January 01 2024.

Then i buy 20 shares of tata motors on January 10 2024.

and i sell all 30 shares of tata motors on January 20 2024.

in DHAN reports, i get combined report as if i bought all 30 shares together. but in case of other apps there will be 2 entries. one for 10 shares i bought and one for the 20 shares i bought with all above details.

is there any way to get such a detailed report in Dhan? that’s what i want

Forget Dhan is going to do anything in this regard. If you scroll the history of this chat you would find that people are asking for the same since 2022 and Dhan managment had done nothing regarding REPORT section. God knows why are they shying and eluding from improving REPORTS as are provide by almost every other broker.

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