Poll Option on Dhan Community Page for prioritising

It is seen that, many users are requesting similar feature requests.

Can We have a Poll where Dhan Team can compile various feature requests and users can poll, so as to prioritize which feature is to be implemented first.

For Eg: Custom Option Strategy Builder

We keep posting on the community things that we are working on, many times well in advance.

We prioritise features and offerings based on many factors - team, availability, bandwidth, existing roadmap, backlog, feature maintenance, engineering debt, revamps and so on, outside of that - many things like readiness, designs, products features, communication, testing, training of customer service, get underlying infra ready and many such things. To summarize, we want to set up right expectations and deliver what we promise + a good experience.

Irony is that - we did even had plans to put up a product roadmap page, but did not find time to prioritise it :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @bsjhala

We are glad to inform you that Custom Strategy Builder is live now in Option Trader Web. Read more about this in the below article.

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