Portfolio Beta based future/options lots calculator for Hedging

Dear Dhan folks,

Is there a simple way to calculate how many Index puts or future lots a person has to buy to hedge their stock portfolio based on portfolio beta weighting? Currently, this must be done manually.

I was wondering how difficult it would be to incorporate this feature into existing option tools, such as the TDAmeritrade ThinkorSwim platform had done for its users.

I haven’t seen any India brokers provide this yet.

This will be a terrific addition for investors who want to hedge their portfolios using FnO and can easily compute this information for their portfolios using Dhan’s given tools.


Hi @rustam I don’t think it is challenging to build something like that, however not sure if it will coming from us a direct or indirect advice, something we prefer to stay away from. We see lots of broking platforms giving buy / sell recommendations, while it is good for revenues - we skip it. We want to focus a lot on building an execution only platform.