Portfolio - Pledged Items Differentiation

Hey @Dhan ,

Would it be possible to differentiate between pledged and non-pledged items in the portfolio using some icon/color or any other simple but effective way?


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Hey @amit

When you have pledged shares on Dhan, it does show up when you tap on it from portfolio. In case its not visible for you, let us know please.


Yes @PravinJ, it does show, but only after once you select an item and go into further details.

If I’ve 10 items in my portfolio, how many clicks will it take to figure out which items are pledged? Can it be made better?

Ahh! got it.

Which is why we have kept pledged portfolio as a dedicated tab under the Pledge section of Dhan app & web :slight_smile:

We have some plans for interesting updates on main portfolio, and we really don’t want to make it cluttered. Clean design and user experience is important for us and also for user, too much information leads to too many decisions to take.