Positions doubled automatically on web & mobile

Hi @Dhan_Help @PravinJ

Just now the positions tab shows 2x line items for each positions. Checked in web and mobile - same result. No orders were placed to cause these from my end. What’s happening ?

Orders are getting rejected too


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Hi @t7support ,

We are getting this checked

Thanks. Now Nifty positions have corrected to single line items. Also new orders went through now and so that seems to be fixed.

But crude still shows two line items when I should have only one.

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Facing the same issue with equity positions as well.

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The bug seems to have been resolved now.

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Yes fixed now…Thanks

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Hi @Vishk519 @t7support ,

It’s resolved now.

Happy Trading!

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But what happened in the middle of market hours ?

This was a caching issue on one of the servers for order processing, we are checking how this got triggered in first place.

Hmm…Thanks @PravinJ. Appreciate the quick resolution.