Price Alerts में Notes और Text/Mail Reminder का ऑप्शन अपडेट करो ! #Urgent

Please add this Useful Feature in our Dhan.

Hi @JayeshShinde Welcome to Dhan community. We have your feedback, will evaluate this for Dhan.

is this automated reply or what… ?

Can you tell me the time when our team will add this ?
i also required Ticket ID of this Updation :slight_smile:

thank you !

Hi @JayeshShinde

Please note that Dhan community isn’t a customer support channel. We take feedback & requests on the channel, but wont be providing a ticket ID.

For a faster customer resolution, feel free to reach out to our customer support team directly through the chat option on our mobile app, or on 022-48906273.

Request to also maintain the decorum of the community, and would reiterate that the Dhan community isn’t one of the Dhan’s customer support channel.


Hi @JayeshShinde,

Glad to inform, you can now add notes to your Price Alerts. Just simply Tap on any Price Alert and save your notes.

Read more here :- Introducing: Trading Notes on Dhan. Now add your notes to every Trade you take on Dhan!