Price Alerts on trading view charts

@PravinJ @Naman It is a humble request to add the script alert it self on the tradingview chart because most of the time during the trading trader spends with the chart as of now whatever the alerts we are setting up on the dhan web portal those are not useful at all because whenever the alerts are triggered it triggered silently if someone is working in the some other screens of browsers how they will know without any sound message like alert for xyz script has been triggered and till the time i came to know that alert has been triggered on this time stock price was goes away far from the entry price.

rather than individual alerts on the dhan web portal you can allow a feature to add alerts from the tradingview chart and when the alert has been triggered user is available on the any screen of the tradingview chart those alert should be displayed in a form of the notification.

@PravinJ @Naman waiting for your response.

Thanks & Regards,
Mayuri Modi.

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Hi @mayuri1711 As much as we would like to add this, it is not extended in the hosted library that TradingView extends to us.

We are improving Price Alerts experience on Dhan for now. If you would like to execute trades from TradingView based on alerts, suggesting connecting Dhan via TradePanel and/or use webhooks to execute transactions based on the alerts on TradingView charts.

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Hello @PravinJ tradingview is not allowing multiple alerts on the free subscription it is very difficult to add multiple alerts on the tradingview chart and if you are talking about the hosted library but for the reference you can see the fyers tradingview chart portal they are showing the alerts on the chart it self.

@PravinJ thoughts.?

I would encourage have a paid subscription on TradingView, it’s a great product and we are happy to partner with them on so many initiatives, many are first time in India.

On the other broker you mentioned, I do not have account there - so can’t comment much about it. Also it’s practically difficult to match every feature to feature, we have certain priorities to develop and build for.