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Today I observed Nifty price difference between and Also, I compared the price with Zerodha and Fyers. What I noticed is that price is showing correct price matching with both Zerodha and Fyers, but the is showing a incorrect price that is 2-12 points below the actual price of Nifty.

Below are the screenshots of both and taken at the same time. By the time I took the screenshots, the difference dropped to just 3 points, but I observed a difference of 12 points at one point of time.

Dhan Web:

Dhan TV:

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yes I also experienced this today price between position tab in dhan web and chart price was difference in TV.

Hey Ravi

I will check this personally with our team when markets open tomorrow. Should not be the case, its same broadcast component that is consumed.

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I also observed some discrepancies in the prices shown on tv.dhan and actual Tradingview chart. Notable point is that the price on actual Tradingview matches exactly with Zerodha and Fyers BUT is different on tv.dhan

For instance, today’s High Price for the same candle is different on tv.dhan and Tradingview I am attaching a comparison screenshot for reference.

Please get this one fixed on priority, as this gives an impression that the price can be misleading on tv.dhan

@PravinJ @Dhan_Help

Hi @pranav.bhargava,

We have explained a detailed post about the functionality for how charts and reflection of data on chart works.

Also, we fetch our data from the exchange, request you to kindly compare the same with exchange during trading hours. Have written more about it here: Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?