Prices not updating on web.dhan


Using web today after many days and finding prices are still frozen. Looks like issue stands unresolved and not looked at all despite several complaints.

Sorry, will stop trading at Dhan

Dhan tradingview worked well with no issues so far,.since the day I began trading. Just saying.

Hi @nity ,

We would like to get on a video call with you to understand the concern better. Request you to please let us know what time will you be available, and our team will join in.

@RahulDeshpande Already demonstrated to you, @Naman and team on 15th March. Prices of options were stuck/frozen at web.dhan whereas same were continuously changing at other broker web platform.

Thought of placing a buy order for one stock option. Prices are still stuck at Dhan Web Platform even after raising multiple times. Not all satisfied with this.

yes prices are not updateding on dhan web.
Whenever I am opening the tab I have to refresh page and still its not that smooth ticks as I get it on Zerodha, there I have not faced any issue as all watchlist stocks updating on realtime and I don’t have to refresh page.

These are resolved some time back. Updating the thread.