Product features

Does Dhan have any future plans of linking with Sensibull ?

Any specific feature of Sensibull that you would like to see in Dhan Option Trading App ?
70% of features already exist hence this question.


It is very easy and sleek on Sensibull to strategize your Option position however Sensibull payoff graph sometimes becomes messy and confusing so I also use Option Opstra simultaneously! but after experiencing the sleekness of Dhan, I wish that the same kind of strategy-building feature existed on Dhan so that I won’t have to rely on Sensibull and Option Opstra. I am new to Dhan and explored it enough but I could not find such a feature.

Hi @yashwant,

We have pay-graph for in-built strategies. We have the feedback for pay-off graph for customized strategies with us. When we are ready, we will announce it on the community. If there any other specific features you would like to see, feel free to share them on

Jay K.

Hi @yashwant & @nity

We are live with Custom Strategy Builder on Option Trader Web with multiple features like Multi Strike OI, Strategy Chart, Open Interest Bar Chart, etc. Read more about this in the below article.

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can we add standard deviation to VWAP ?