Product Updates: More Enhancements to Order Placement Experience on Dhan

Hi All,

I think by now you all know we are building things faster to improve your investing & trading experience on Dhan - all at lightning fast speed.

We are actively listen to your feedback, looking at how some of our features are used and make changes to ensure there is something incrementally better than before on Dhan. We continue to launch large features, in case you missed recent ones - Draft Orders, Improving Margins on Basket Orders, New Referral Program, and likes.

Our latest release has many tiny features so we are putting them all together here below:

Best Bid / Ask on Order Placement

Traders need as much information as required, to make sure they trade right. While all the signals, studies, indicators and strategies have their own importance, the single most important factor that decides execution is the bid / ask at that time, with Market Depth.

We bring that now on the Order Placement screen of Dhan app - for Intraday Positions. You can tap on that, for a quick glance once again to Market Depth - just before you place and execute your order on exchange!

Leverage & Margins on Trade

From Day 1, Dhan has offered Margin in real-time on its order placement screen (no need to tap refresh, always real-time). Later we introduced a real-time Brokerage Estimator that provides you a glimpse how your transaction looks like with all the charges. There is instant pledge & unpledge, and more features enabled towards margin in coming days.

Many users had asked to also mention the leverage on this order placement screen, so here it is. Helps SuperTrades know the multiple of leverage they are taking on a particular trade, and hence know the risks associated. Small, but very powerful.

Instant Orders

Dhan provides a lightning fast order execution, however we have to admit that we didn’t communicate this well - on both app and web. Earlier this was a double-tap for instant order, and most users didn’t get this… As a result it was perceived that Dhan takes 2-3 seconds to send an order to exchange. We are fixing this now.

We have made the Thunder-bolt button for Order Placement view into single-tap instant order placement. Now it’s as quick as it gets, if you know what you are placing the order for - Single-Tap on Instant Order and send your order to stock exchanges instantly.

On the web, in the mini-order placement window, all orders are instant, while on the side-window for order placement we will be making this change soon.

Fast Adds on Dhan & Options Trader apps

Markets are Fast. And so is everything that we do on Dhan. We are going from fast executions to faster experiences.

Among many things that we will build on Dhan, (and this is specially for traders) is building a custom-craft experience that will make what you want to do - always in front of you, and in a faster & intuitive way.

If you are already on Dhan’s latest app, chances are you are already using this without realising.

Web: Many Major Updates shipped on Dhan Web (

We promised our users (specially traders) who use Dhan web extensively, that we will focus a lot more on the web than we were doing earlier.

Following features are now available on web - Leverage on Order Placement Screen, Draft Orders , Enhanced Baskets with Margin Benefits , New Referral Program and also Improved Pledge Experience with real-time Margin Benefits available .

We continue to ship features & updates and make Dhan better everyday, to ensure you get the best Investing & Trading experience.

Full blown web experience:
Trade Directly from Charts:
Explore our Superfast APIs:

Thank you


Well, thank you, for focussing on traders, and giving hassle free entries.

I can feel the difference trading in your platform. And I certainly must be speaking for other day traders like me, as we know entries are crucial. And there are times we just want to be in the trade, with less error in execution.

Instant order placement and trading from the charts is a life saver. Trading is hard but hey, thanks for making executions easier.

Dhan is a really a breeze of fresh air. And we like the way you really listen to us. Because it feels like someone has really been listening to us.

The wait was worth.


@shraddha Thank you for understanding the issue and introducing Thunder-blot button.

But this is available in mobile we want the same option in web also.

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@ronin so glad to hear this. :innocent:

Please do keep sharing your feedback, we are building with for you, with you. :slight_smile:

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It will be available soon!