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Please introduce push notification in mobile app, for the orders executed. This will be very helpful to us. Other brokers have this facility. It’s very much needed.

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The option get notified on Trade Execution is available on Dhan. You will have to turn the same ON in the profile settings.

Please check screenshot below:

Thanks for immediate response. It’s in on position only. But I heard small sound only, while execution of orders. Not receiving ‘push notifications’ which will be received in mobile phone.

Hi @PSR,

We checked this again - The trade notification is working fine on Dhan. If possible can you share a video with us when markets are open, we will be able to understand the issue better.

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Hi @PSR by following this hack …u will never miss it ……we have 2 methods ---- to do it ….
1st one ------When you receive a notification from Dhan on your mobile just press and hold for some 2-3 seconds on that notification and it will open up more settings as you can see in the window you can enable all notifications from that particular Android application or iPhone application and you can set your desired ringtone for that application only -------any length you want---------- so whenever you get a notification from the Dhan application it will keep on ringing until you press any button on your phone so in this way, you cannot miss the alert ……
Screenshot 2022-05-27 111918

2nd one is ………. when your phone is silent or u r away from your phone ---------if you are using win 10 or win 11 …Microsoft phone link software come in handy …….it will send a web notification on the desktop or laptop u r using ….

I am using my mobile, desktop, laptop, and iPad ……so whenever an alert is triggered ……. I get a total of 7 notifications on different gadgets ………………….in that way I won’t miss any …thank you … have a nice trading-day…Hope this helps untill They impliment a web browser notifications …and that will be a great help …


Mr. Rajasekhar, I shall try and to do it .
Thanks for your reply to my query.

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Hi @Kiran , I mean the push notification generated out of the mobile app, but it will show in mobile with some sound. What you mean is being generated within the app. This is different. I am unable to understand how to explain. Sorry .

I am enclosing the screenshot of my mobile app.

Hi @PSR,

Please email us your registered mobile number at feedback@dhan.co. We’ll be glad to assist you further.

How to stop trade sounds as well as market opening and closing bell sound on mobile app ?

Hi @Mamta

You can disable the Exchange Open & Close bells from the Trader’s controls. However, please note that the executed order sound cannot be disabled at this moment.