Quantity Sync in Trading Panel and Right Click Dropdown

Hi, I have observed that the quantity of “right click to trade” button never syncs with the quantity of Trading Panel. It will be great if both can be synced! I have to use DOM always to make it sync on the “right click to trade” button and it mismatches again on the trading panel.

Going in DOM to change the quantity of “right click to trade” button

Mismatch again in “Trading Panel” against the “Right click to trade” button.

Hi @ayaan

The quantity in trading panel is not synced with quantity on “right click”. To change quantity on “right click”, click between the red & blue box on top left corner of chart. Screenshot for reference :point_down:

Hi @Naman ,

I am not getting this option. I am just able to see the tick difference.
Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 10.51.36 AM

@Naman It would be great if it can be synced with the trading panel as it does in the OG Tradingview.

SS for reference.

Enable instant order placement from chart settings. You will be able to see quantity selection.

Sure, This is helpful for the while being but for this I will have to enable instant order which I tend to avoid due to wrong clicks sometimes.

If it can be implemented like the OG tradingview where the right click button quantity changes too after changing quantity in trading panel, it will be great!

Screen Recording 2022-05-30 at 11.07.52 AM

It’s not happening on DHAN TV. It is very important for quick trading changes. :slight_smile:

Screen Recording 2022-05-30 at 11.13.09 AM

@PravinJ @Naman Can u please have a look at this issue on a priority? :slight_smile: It’s the most important part for fast trading. I love the platform and web app sooo much but just this little problem solution will make it even more seamless! I always wanted these features with Indian brokers and I am delighted to enjoy it with Dhan TV!! :slight_smile:

With this problem, It gets very difficult to do quick trading with quantity changes as trading panel is preferred to set the limit prices with the “click to trade” button.

An example of realtime trading where quantity needs to be changed and limit price to be set at an area.

Screen Recording 2022-05-30 at 12.10.29 PM

@PravinJ @Naman I wish this issue gets fixed in the next release! Cheers! :wink: :beers:

Lemme show u an example of how we scalpers use these tools for quick trading. Can’t mess at all in these quick moves so please fix this ASAP! @PravinJ This is the most crucial part of scalping so no errors cant be expected in the click to trade button or trading panel not syncing.


Hi @ayaan sure, me and @Naman will check if this is extended in our library.

Instant Orders selected by @sharu_john is super solution.

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@PravinJ @Naman Hats off to your team guys!! This was the fastest fix ever! You guys proved it that you listen to each suggestion here! I really didn’t expect that the fix would be deployed so fast! You guys are gonna nail the tech in this trading industry! <3 Super Happy with Dhan and Team!! :slight_smile: <3

Most welcome @ayaan, just doing what we are supposed to do.

There are tons of new features we rolled out today on TradingView, @Naman shared a full list over here: Feature Updates: TradingView on Dhan is now much better

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