Quarterly settlement

I was told that the settlement would happen on the 7th and this morning I recieved a message regarding the settlement progression…at this point, it has gone far beyond my head as to why you people do this… I coudnt make positions because of this please clarify why this happened when u clearly mentioned 7th October… and what will you do to fix this

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Hi @Archgecko Your running account settlement was done on Oct 4th, and Quarterly Settlement is due in first week of October. These processes are mandatory by regulations and have to be followed.

According to this it was supposed to be on the 7th …or am I wrong

please don’t do this on trading days or at least mention beforehand to avoid inconveniences such as these

Its different for accounts depending on their trading pattern… while for most of the accounts it is 7th Oct - we also have to check user’s trades for past 30 days and settle them accordingly.

Happened to me too didn’t able to take any trade today neither they transferred money in account so that I can add it again still no reply from customer support

Hi @Archgecko and @ImAniket,

We had sent email and SMS notifications on Saturday informing the users about the settlement today. Separately, today’s payouts have been credited to your respective bank accounts. In case you have not received it, please DM me your registered mobile number and I will promptly check this for you.


Dear ma’am I know about the information but funds aren’t transferred yet but just now I received money. Anyway thanks for the concern and help.