Queries on web links and intraday margin percent stock list


need help on these points :

Query1 : is it possible to have ready weblinks to directly go to company order page
instead of typing in search
for example “web dhan co/index/company/hdfcbank”
click it and it take to page of hdfc where buy sell options there with quantity.

Query2 : Full stock list with needed intraday margins of each stock.
currently going to each stock is the only way…
this list is completely outdated
Risk Management Policy | Dhan
Thanks in advance nyadav

Hi @nyadav.shopping,

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  1. At this moment, you need to search for the particular scrip as this is not available and may be not possible by changing the link text.

  2. We are reviewing this and will update you as soon as possible.

thanks for replying to one of query

waiting for answer on list of stocks with intraday margin percent…
you can confirm list is latest or not by checking INDOTECH stock which have 27.65%
intraday margin…

Hi @nyadav.shopping you can view the real-time margin for any stock or scrip on the margins section of that scrip. This is available across Dhan app, web and also the Options Trader app and web.

yes aware of that…if need to get 50 stocks with lowest margin requirement then will not possible to check each one by one…simple table with stock code and margin % will help as we can sort on it…if anything there then share otherwise fine…will manage

Hi @nyadav.shopping,

We have checked the intraday stock list and it has been updated to the most recent one.