Quick Update: Price Alerts on Dhan

Hi All,

We have been receiving constant feedback from our users to improve the Price Alerts feature on Dhan. It’s been a while that we had release the existing feature of Price Alert in November 2021 to be precise and post that we rarely did anything with it.

This isn’t how we build features, almost everything we ship, we continue to improve product experience on Dhan. We have lots of Swing Traders on Dhan who constantly have asked us to improve the Price Alert feature, for whatever reasons - this was always deprioritised, even now while we are all hands to improve core trading and investing experience for our users as we continue to grow every month and see trading volumes reach newer heights every week.

So we did a quick update on Price Alerts, it’s still basic but we shipped a new backend / infra for Price Alerts which is more reliable and able to push real-time alerts as they happen on price. We will of-course improve the overall experience on Price Alerts, but we thought its important to get basics right first.

We will introduce notifications on mobile, web notifications and email notifications for Price Alerts soon. We will skip SMS / WhatsApp alerts - its too expensive proposition (with other concerns - we don’t want these Email / SMS / WA messages to be considered spam which affects our transaction messages) and we want Price Alert feature to stay free for our users.

For regular super traders on Dhan, we aim to keep up to 250 Price Alerts on Dhan, which possibly is the highest among all platforms. To prevent mis-use of our infrastructure, regular app users will be able to place significantly lower alerts.

Thank you


Thanks Sir, It will serve the purpose for now. Thanks for addressing it.

I suggest you to improve little bit more in this feature.
From tv.dhan.co while viewing chart on tradingview by right clicking on chart “Create Alert” option should appear. :bell:
After clicking it will get us to your alert page with same scrip name and price then it will be very beneficial to us.
I know you have done a lot on other many features. This is only thing left for a complete package.
Right now it is lethargic to go to another page and find the scrip and type the price then set alert.


Hi @Achchha_Bachcha welcome to Dhan community!

Price alert is a TradingView exclusive feature. TradingView keeps few of its features exclusive only for its product and does not extend it to its partners.

Noted your suggestion, will surely explore the possibilities.

need push notification in dhan web with sound…

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Hi @UjR,

Noted your suggestion, thank you!

@Poornima Could we have price alerts based on active positions, similar to sensibull, please? Let’s say I have straddle (or any position) and if the profit reaches X amount I should receive an alert.

Hi @vivek26

Welcome to the Dhan community

At this moment we are not having this feature available to us. Instead, you can set an alert for that instrument and track it separately.

Thanks for sharing it. Are you guys planning on it near future? I use that feature most of the time for tracking profits


As of now, we do not have a specific estimate; however, if we developed it, we will notify our users.

I am using this feature in fyers with tradingview.
There might be your limitations for you too. I can understand.
However whenever I am placing alerts for any scripts with your conventional way, I didn’t get any alert till now. There were no sound or any alert symbol on my phone or any web platform. I’m full time trader and I am always on chart. So I didn’t even out of sight. So there is definitely not my side of any fault.

Irony is I have to use fyers still for alerts.
If you want to improve and learn from fyers then these are points.

  1. Their alert feature is very much accurate and fast.
  2. On my phone I can use different notification sound for alerts then the other fyers alerts. So there is clear difference between alerts triggers so I can be very attentive when that sound triggers.
    I think you have this feature too. We can do it in our phone but in your application settings I have to dig deeper because there are no clear mentions. Even I can’t figure out because i couldn’t able to get notification of alerts till today. Sorry but its true.
  3. Their order execution is lot faster then yours. Your order executes around after half to one second. But their speed is just click and order executed.

Apart from these your features are great. Your charting is far better experience. Everything is best.
Just for these reasons I don’t trade in dhan. Because I short deep ITM options with little more quantity and for that I need faster speed. Hopefully You will try to improve these points.
Do notify please because I want to shift here if you improve. For stocks this platform is okay.

You can introduce monthly plan for options trader too. Like right now I have SASonline & Prostocks plan. Which costs me around 1000 per month which is fine because I get unlimited orders to execute, pledging against niftybees, etc.

By the way you have great future ahead. Best of luck guys.


Is there any option to set price alerts based on indicators. Such my strategy is based on moving average crossover. So i want alert when fast moving average crosses slow moving average… Any help for this kind of alert ???

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Alert can be set from chart itself is most most awaited feature you should focus on.

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Any update?
Please introduce alert feature from chart itself

We are not getting price alert…there should be push up notification facility

Hi @Shivam_suhane welcome to Dhan community!

For Dhan web price alerts, currently, you need to check the notification for the alerts achieved under the bell icon. While for Dhan app, you will receive the push and in app notification along with the sound.

We will continue to optimize this feature on web for better experience.

I think you need to do only one thing.
After analyzing chart we want to set alert directly from tv.dhan.co chart.
It is being enormously painful to set alert from web.dhan.co
Process 1 (Dhan process)First we have to go to web.dhan from tv.dhan then find stock by typing its name then set price and set alert.
Process 2 (In tradingview, Fyers) we can directly set it via chart by right clicking when we analyze then where we right clicked that price automatically comes to alert price so we directly have to click set alert; very convenient way of setting alert.
Above process all swing traders are doing every weekend.
So Process 1 takes almost 4-5 times higher than the process 2.
Please understand our point. You have made dhan very beautiful and amazing. I have never seen this kind of platform but this is the only point we need a lot.


@Poornima @PravinJ Can you please provide an option to sort the alerts based upon trigger date under archive section. It is difficult to find out the alert which is recently triggered. Also, if we click on the bell icon and then alert(which is recently triggered), it don’t take you the actual alert which is triggered but take you to the alert page. The slight refinement needed. Request you please check the same if make sense.

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Most unique feature by dhan !! 250 alerts is big

Very true. This feature is very important for all timeframe traders and sadly it is no being addressed even when Dhan is so capable.
Even if Dhan can’t make alert creation available on chart, they should make it available on tv.dhan.co as a button or in wishlist section because switching between Web and tv makes no sense as it comsumes lot of time. This process is especially painful for intraday traders because every 2-3 seconds count.