Random Order of strikes in dhan

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Check below screenshot
39200CE is placed above 45000 CE
Similarly, 37000pe is placed above 38500ce

This random order makes no sense.

It should be ascending/descending order of strikes, with the option to choose which we want.

Kindly look into this
Dhan’s interface needs a serious overhaul

Hi @som079

We have taken note of your suggestion and will share them with our concerned team for further review.

Hi @Divyesh
The issue still persists.

I understand you have your own internal priorities.

But for me, as a trader the web/app interface is all that matters, and this is quite annoying!
Tough to make sense of multiple strikes

Below is screenshot taken today, from Dhan Web.
Notice 43200 PE is somehow at the top.

Kindly look into this

20-04-2023 15_23_02-Window

Hi @som079,

We will surely consider your suggestions while building this feature.

Just to add, this is not a bug. Noted your feedback.

One more issue.
Below screenshot taken on Monday

I’m searching for finnifty 18000 strikes by typing “fin 18000”
Look at the matches below

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Are there any web/app interface improvements in the pipeline?
If yes, any idea when it might be out?

I face this all the time.

Yes. Its something that really needs to be improved in the UI

@Shally @som079

Thank you for highlighting this again. We’ve already sent it to our team for evaluation.

Same issue is there for many search results, I was trying to search bata 1460 call but it’s giving me natural gas strikes.

Noted @Sachinkm, we will have this rectified.

Hi @PravinJ
Is there any UI facelift or change in the pipeline?

I’m asking as I have a list of annoyances with the current UI, including performance issues on the mob app.