Realised intraday profit in OPTIONS can be used on the same day!

Greetings, Traders!

We are pleased to introduce a new feature for option traders on Dhan. Now you have the ability to immediately utilize the intraday profits earned from options trading to initiate new positions in options. Let’s take an example to illustrate this: if you placed a buy order for the NIFTY 18500 CALL Option at Rs. 20 and later sold it for Rs. 70 on the same day, resulting in a profit of Rs. 2,500, you can now use this realised profit for further trades in the Options segment. It’s important to note, however, that this profit cannot be used for trading in Cash, Futures, Currency, or Commodity Segments. Additionally, withdrawal of the profit is only permitted on the T+1 day.

In addition to what was mentioned earlier, we would like to bring your attention to the following specific features that are available on Dhan for option traders.

  • Option Buying on Pledge: Enjoy the convenience of buying options using pledged margin. By keeping your cash invested in securities, you can pledge your holdings to avail margin and trade seamlessly.

  • Prebuilt Strategies: Access our collection of free pre-built option trading strategies, allowing you to select a strategy based on your market view. With just a single click, you can deploy these strategies and start trading.

  • Option Basket: Simplify the execution of your multi-leg option strategies by creating a basket and deploying the orders into the system with a single click.

  • Sell without Unpledging your holdings: In case when your holdings are pledged and you wish to sell it to meet MTM obligations. At Dhan, you can sell your holdings without being worried about un-pledging them before selling.

At Dhan, we always strive towards bringing you the best possible experience while trading & investing. We hope these features enhance your trading experience on our platform.

Happy trading!

– Shrimohan
Product Operations @ Dhan


Great feature to have.

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