Received an email from CDSL Ventures Limited

Hi team,

Received this email from CDSL Ventures Limited.

Is the sender email address legit?

Should we proceed to validate our email address by link mentioned in the email please?

Let us know!

Hi @pratik01, CVL or KRAs have been told to independently verify user credentials and they will send such kind of emails. Just ensure you double check on all domains and links to ensure these are not phishing emails, a general precaution that everyone should take these days.

@PravinJ - yes, thanks for your reply.

That’s the reason I shared this with the team here. Sure, will check the domain and links carefully. Thanks!

This is phising mail, don’t reply or validate

It’s done. I checked all the links and domain before clicking the link. The site cvlindia[dot]com is legit one.

Edit: After clicking link I got message that my email is validated. (It didn’t ask any kind of input data from me)

this is trusted email or fraud

this is trusted email or fraud email

The email which I received was trusted. Kindly check my pics above.

You need to check the link domain.

After I clicked the link it gave a simple message that my email is now verified. It did not ask me to enter any data or fill the form.

My suggestion:

  1. Open incognito browser (so that nobody can access your cookies or other data)
  2. Sign in your mail account and click the link mentioned in email.
  3. It should give you a simple message regarding verification completed.
  4. If it asks to enter data simply close the browser window. Don’t input any data.