Recent Hacking Incidents In Industry

Hi All,

We have already mentioned that we do take care of all safety and security procedures that are required to keep Dhan accounts safe. From our side, we are 100% focussed on that.

We simply can’t explain why customer care of other stock broking platform wasted 45 mins of time, or why they have been silent about the matter. It’s not our process, we cant comment on that.

Has any stock broker, or any tech company ever given assurance that their systems are 100% secure - No, because that statement will never be true. Safety and security are ongoing processes, always, even for the largest of technology companies including likes of Google or Facebook. As a regulated entity we are subject to security related audits and processes to which we comply with at all times.

We have shared a guidance note on keeping your trading & demat accounts safe: Keeping your Stock Trading & Demat Account safe and secure