Regarding forever order on sell side

Hi i want to know more about forever order on sell side as there is not much detailed article or video on this matter by dhan.please clarify my doubts today on 8th november 2023 i placed forever side sell order on the stock of mazagon dock shipbuilders which was in my portfolio.The market price of the stock when i was placing the order was 2004 rs something so i placed the trigger price of 2000 rs and set the limit price to 1983 rs but to my suprise after some time when i see the position has been created.The price of 1983 was never reached but the 2000 rs trigger price was breached.the time of the order execution was 13:29:12 so i wanted to know why was the sell order executed at avg of 1,998.374 rs when the limit price set by me was 1983rs.I wanted to know whats the purpose of the limit option then?

I thought when the trigger price gets breached the forever order is sent to the exchange and when price goes below the limit price set by me then it gets executed but that was not how it worked.So i request you to clarify about forever order on sell side for stocks in my portfolio in detail with examples.Thanks

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As per our discussion, we understand your concern pertaining to forever order has been addressed. Moreover, you can try Forever order with OCO and set a Stop Loss or Target - Now Live: Forever Orders with OCO (for MTF & Equity)