Regd Liquid BEES divided Credit

I purchased some 600 qty of liquid bees on 4Nov.

Even after 2 weeks dividend is yet not credited.

What’s the dividend credit frequency in Dhan. It is weekly in zerodha.

Hi @bsjhala,

Units will be updated in the portfolio when the cumulative of dividends is =>1 unit.

Your Demat holding is updated on a weekly basis. You may check this in your holding statement.

Hi @Poornima ,

This is a long pending issue, yet to be resolved.

If Dhan can prioritise, will be helpful.

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Hi @amit with the present architecture, we update the units in the portfolio when the cumulative of dividends is =>1 unit. However, we appreciate you sending us your feedback. Will plan the inclusion in the coming updates.


Hi @iamshrimohan ,

If you hold liquid bees for more than 6 months and your broker shows following page, what will be your comments?

You must dive deep to understand the overall concern that leads to taxation.

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It shd be updated weekly basis like zerodha,

Because for smaller amount of liquid bees it will take longer time to get 1 unit ~ 1000 Rs.

For eg If a person invested liquidbees of 15,000 it will take almost 1year for 1 unit as dividend.


@bsjhala We appreciate you sending us your feedback. As said, will surely plan the inclusion in the coming updates.

@amit We understand your concerns. Please allow us some time to brainstorm this from taxation standpoint. On the next update, it will be resolved.

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Looks like nothing is been solved on this yet. When will we be able to see weekly credit of liquid bees?

Hi @HIR, we did a good amount of brain storming on implementing this. However, we are facing some tech related issues from our data vendor to implement this. Once resolved, will update on this thread.

HI @iamshrimohan, Please do give us an update on this long-standing issue…

Hi @Jarvis its on standstill. We show the liquid bees dividend credited in your holdings as greatest integer function. For example, you received 3.463 units as dividend, 3 units would be added to your original holdings. To check your weekly credit history, you can check your DP Transaction Statement which is a monthly mailed report and also the CDSL sends out email notification for dividend credited. Additionally, you can check your holdings also on the CDSL’s easiest portal.

What about the fractional units… How could we track that? I suggest you to add the dividends credited in the Dividends tab… Why is it becoming a long standing issue?

@Jarvis the fractional units can be tracked by DP Transaction Statement as suggested earlier. We have noted your suggestion but as said earlier it stands in our mid-priority list.

Hi @iamshrimohan , similar doubt with respect to GOI bonds. ( After the 6 months once interest is paid ) where will that be shown?

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@pavz The G-Sec interest is paid directly to your linked bank account. As of now, we are not showing the interest received on Bonds and Debentures on the App/Web but will surely explore the possibility of this.


As suggested by you to track the DP Transaction Statement for the fractional dividend credited in Liquid Bees, it looks like a very bad idea… Till date I have got the latest statement on March 19th and that too for the month ending Feb23… So, as per your idea every body should wait for a couple of months to know about the dividend credited…

I would say, its better not to suggest this idea…

@Jarvis For integral value of the units received, we are already showing that in the holdings (which can be sold). For fractional units, until they become an integer value, they are of no use as such. So even if the units increase by a fractional value, the significance is very less. Incase you want a DP Transaction statement for custom period, you can reach out to our customer support at

Even if the fractional value is significant in terms of absolute amount, fraction can’t be sold to encash it. However, it may help in tracking the underlying on weekly basis.

@iamshrimohan currently the dividend units are being shown against the invested amount. Nothing is shown in the dividends tab. For me 7 units are dividend units but these are shown against investment. Please fix.

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What happens if i sell my holdings before i get more than 1 unit dividend??