Reintroducing Soon: Bracket & Cover Orders for Options Trading on Dhan

Hello All

Hope you had a great trading week, and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. We are here in Chandigarh this weekend for Meet & Greet with traders here in City Beautiful.

While away, wanted to quickly share - we are actively evaluating and considering bringing Bracket & Cover Orders for Options Trading back on Dhan.

We had it when we launched, disabled it few months back and now are working toward bringing this back. That’s all, quick post.

Thank you


Awesome Sir :heart: waiting for it !

Great that you are bringing back this useful feature. Thank you.

@PravinJ When can we expect this feature available in Dhan? Will shift all trades to Dhan after adding this one❤️
I am expecting to do a trades with the combination of bracket order and trailing stop loss feature…:+1::clap:

Work is in progress, requires much of effort on our side to ensure this is seamless.

Just posted this message to gauge interest among our traders. Shouldn’t be the case that we make something that is not useful for our users :slight_smile:


Its very much useful, bring it on.

@PravinJ It will be very helpful for employees who cannot watch charts continuously. Make this happens and it is not available in any platforms right now


This is a much needed feature. Need to have a cover order to put a stop loss while executing the trade. Currently after executing the order, going and manually adding a stop loss is too time consuming and some times this itself can be damaging if the trade goes the other way.

This should be top of list for risk management.

Looking forward to having it soonest.


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Please bring this feature. It’s painful to cancel sl orders and then place an exit in profit. At times the profit is lower because of that

Suggest to improve the overall functionality on positions and orders tab. Can you show net p&l on orders tab. It helps to see if we need to edit our order limits accordingly

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