Relative strength vis-a-vis nifty 50 (Relative Strength Indicator)

Hey guys, you were awesome to add the OI indicator just like that please can you add relative strength indicator so we can compare our stock with nifty or with its own sector. If you add this we don’t have to go to tradingview. Like here I’ve set period to 20 days compare to nifty. So it’s showing that TCS is under-performing since last 20 days. @RaunakRathi @JayK


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hey buddy, the best way to solve for all this now is connect Dhan with TradingView and trade directly from there. Its incredible experience as well.

More on this: Now Trade Directly from with Dhan 🎉

They have a relative strength indicator in the library, it’s named as comparative RSI, but does the same job of RS.

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