Relatively High Transaction charges for Options trading

Hi Team,

I have started trading in dhan under options trading from last 2 days. But before Dhan i tried Zerodha too.

The transaction charges are far too high here. Usually I do 1 lot and total charges used come somewhere between 50-65 depending on the premium. But in dhan it crosses 70+. even for a standard premium of 300…why is that?

You brokerage shud have been 20 instead of 40 too. why is this…Why is it??

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Hi @Axejaw007 Our charges are exactly as they are prescribed by the exchanges, we and no broker can charge more than what is prescribed, and shared in the pricing plan. Full details on Dhan prices is here: Pricing & Detailed Brokerage Charges | Dhan

In case you want our team to specifically look at your transactions, request you to drop a note to us on