Request for a widget

Hi Dhan, I have a little feature request. It is to give us a option to to add ‘Login to web desktop’ QR scanner as a widget on homescreen. Or atleast, make this option visible on the very front page of the app. I think the widget will be very handy to login on web quickly. Thanks.

Web QR is just on the side menu, and easiest way to login to any trading platform. We don’t want to add feature that is used only once in a day to be on the home-screen all the time.

Hi @srtrades

Hope youre doing well.

Happy to bring to your attention that we have inculcated your feedback. Now, login into Dhan web has been made more easier through our quick fast login to dhan web.

You can read more about it here: Now Login Faster to Dhan Web platforms with Quick Mobile App Shortcuts ⚡

If you’re an andorid user, you can also get the capability to navigate to key features through shortcuts :point_down:

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