Request for Optimized order window in

Full video is here!


Here it is for the Manual BO order

Its called, DhanHQ Order Preference Extension as of now, maybe the name gets changed anytime :slight_smile:

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Unable to find this extension

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Yes, It’s in the testing phase & soon it will be rolled out.

Full video of the extension is here. Dhan Tradingview Order Preferences Chrome Extension - YouTube

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and this extension?

This is not published for open access (but for private: yes!).

It has been implemented with a lot of features (quick run-through).

This are good stuff, looking forward to meet you on weekend @vinay_sd17


Modify 50+ orders, in a single click from Tradingview itself :speedboat: # Speeds & Thrills

Add all your Feature requests here, we will try to incorporate into the extension:

You can expect in 2-3 weeks, the extension will be available in the chrome marketplace.


Good going @vinay_sd17 :+1:

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Great job @vinay_sd17

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1 Cliq is also added now in the extension.

Now, you no need to move to other windows/applications, all you can do is from Dhan’s trading view. Just pull up the chart or from OI, and press the shortcut keys

On SingleLayout chart:
Ctrl + B (or) Ctrl + S - Last selected scrip in the chart

On 2 Layout chart:
For Left Scrip: Shift + Left arrow (Buy) & Shift + Up arrow (Sell)
For Left Scrip: Shift + Right arrow (Buy) & Shift + Down arrow (Sell)

Live demo:


@vinay_sd17 Awesome man!! but why are the orders being placed at 2rs, is there an option to change this value?

@Akhil153045, I manually configured it to go for 2 RS/3 RS only for demo purposes. I remember I said this in the video :slightly_smiling_face: No worries, In live mode, this will always go in the market order.

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Hi, @Light

Yes, I am releasing it this week on the chrome web store. Once published, I will post it here with the link & other details for you to download.


Hi @Light,

It’s now available for everyone on the chrome web store!

Extension Download Link: DhanHQ Tradingview Extension - Chrome Web Store
Prerequisite & ReadMe : DhanHQ ReadMe
Extension Setup & Demo videos: DhanHQ Tradingview Extension Demo - Youtube


Hi @imsahadeb @Varsha777 @Amarsingh_Shinde ,

With new update, you can use Dhan order window via Right click on chart > Trade from Dhan and this will surely going to enhance your product experience. Do explore and let us know your feedback. :smiley:

Just to add, default product type (Normal/Intraday) is already available under User settings at the top.


Still trading from option chain open default trading view order window.

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