Request to provide a setting to re-invest the dividend income into the same issuing company scrip


Please provide an option to re-invest the incoming dividends into the same issuing company scrip – this is somewhat alien to the Indian brokerage but this is more the common to global (especially US) brokerages/clients.

This helps accumulate, need strategic view to plan about it but I do know there is a need to spread more awareness about this among the retail.

#dividend #re-invest #reinvest

Hi @mnikhil Welcome to Dhan community.

I understand the need for this for some users like you, but in Indian context it isn’t possible. Dividend amount is credited directly to your bank account (not to trading account) and is processed by the company / RTA, not by the broker. Additionally the dividend amount in most cases is fraction of the share price, and fractional investing isn’t a thing in India (as of now).

Hopefully things change that way, otherwise we have few users using SIP to keep investing in stocks.

ok thanks @PravinJ would love to revisit this topic when those things that you mentioned are looking for a change. Makes sense.